Digital Book Design: “Bach, Casals and The Six Suites for ‘Cello Solo” (2015)

Steven Hancoff’s four-volume interactive book is a deep dive into the music and inspirations of J.S. Bach and Pablo Casals. At Tandemvines, we joined Steven on his journey in June 2014 and became his design partner in bringing his vision to life. The book includes hundreds of images of contemporary and historic art, dozens of videos, and interactive elements such as slideshows and popup glossary terms.

What they’re saying about “Bach, Casals and The Six Suites”:

“The experience of the e-book contrasts Hancoff’s natural, even folksy, delivery with slickly produced graphics and video, gliding so smoothly from one turn to the next that total immersion is irresistible.” – Roxane Assaf, The Huffington Post

Digital Book Design: “Tables From The Rubble” (2012)

“Tables From The Rubble” transports readers to San Francisco in the years just after the Great Earthquake of 1906. Amid the ruins of a crumbled city, restaurants rose to feed the hungry and lead the recovery. Today a handful of the restaurants that opened in those heady years remain in San Francisco, serving customers in the same spaces they first opened after the quake – offering food, drinks and stories with a direct link to a century-old past.

What they’re saying about “Tables From The Rubble”:

“The result is an in-depth look at the city in the years after the quake, as well as a snapshot of where the restaurants are today … best of all are the recipes …” – Anna Roth, SF Weekly

Digital Book Design for The Seattle Times: “Pictures of The Year 2012”

In addition to founding Tandemvines Publishing, Denise Clifton is the Visual Strategy Editor for The Seattle Times newsroom. In 2012, she designed the Times’ first digital-only book – a celebration of the year’s best images from Seattle Times photographers.

Print Design

Since 1993, Denise Clifton has been recognized by the Society for News Design with more than 25 awards for newspaper design and art direction. She has also designed promotional print materials for the CD recording of “Bach, Casals and The Six Suites for ‘Cello Solo” and “The Cannon and the Flower,” a documentary film from Story4.