What we do

WE BELIEVE THE BEST STORIES entice people to fully experience a narrative: to read, watch, listen, touch – even taste.

We lead authors, artists, and organizations through the process of shaping and publishing narratives rich in visuals and texture – creating strategies to find the best medium for a story’s mission and managing all aspects of a project to produce a compelling experience for the audience.

As a company we have worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and internationally renowned musicians. With more than 20 years of experience in crafting visual stories, we lead a collaborative process of narrative project management – and are always seeking out new tools for our storytelling toolbox. In every medium we strive to create stories that encourage readers to explore.

Email us at [email protected] to tell us about your story and let’s talk about how we can work together.


Story Project Management

We specialize in creating compelling narratives from the many parts that make up a multi-textured story: multiple chapters of text, photos, videos, charts, maps, illustrations and interactive pieces of information. Across multiple media formats, we can manage and organize your project from the idea stage through the gathering of the information, the design and production of the product, and the publishing process.

Digital Product Development

We provide creative direction to help teams create mobile apps and websites, facilitating the connections and communications between vested stakeholders, content creators and technical teams.

iBooks Author Design and Production

We are experts at creating multi-touch books in iBooks Author software, designing unique, visually compelling interactive digital books. These books seamlessly integrate video, interactive graphics, photo galleries, quizzes and other interactive storytelling opportunities. We can facilitate the full process from planning and design to publication of interactive books for iOS systems.

Art Direction

We have years of experience in leading illustrators, photographers, graphic artists and web developers through the production of many types of content. We know how to ask the right questions of a “word” person to help an artist translate an author’s vision into a beautiful image or design.

Digital Visual Design

We love partnering with authors and artists to create a compelling visual experience for their content. For websites and other digital media, we will design elegant visual mockups and work closely with a coding expert to achieve the look you need. For digital books, we are experts in designing and producing multi-touch iBooks, and we are always exploring other formats.

Training in Digital Book Design and Production

We help teams learn to design and produce their own enhanced digital books, following best practices for designing for tablets. A highlight of our training experience: creating customized interactive curriculum and teaching the editorial and technical teams at Kaua’i Hindu Monastery how to create iBooks in the iBooks Author platform. We can facilitate training in any of the areas in which we have expertise.

Print Design

We have extensive experience in print design and production, creating beautiful and powerful newspaper sections, magazines, books, posters, CD liner notes, invitations, programs, reports and presentations. We have the highest expertise designing in Adobe software and Keynote – but we are always learning new tools. We work closely with printers to ensure that images and designs are executed at the highest quality.

Writing: Our Unique Stories

Our passion is finding and telling stories that help readers explore and learn about a place and its people through food. The iBook Tables From The Rubble is just one example of the kinds of stories that we love to create, connecting people with unique locales through the exploration of food. We have several projects in various stages of development. Check this site and our Twitter feed @TandemvinesBook frequently for updates.  

Editing and Proofing

We are experts at writing compelling display copy – headlines, teasers and summaries – to draw readers into presentations. We can also help a writer organize and frame a story, as well as provide proofing services for any digital or print product. For detailed copy-editing and fact-checking, we prefer to contract with one of the talented copy editors in our extended network.



We love the collaborative story process, and we work with a large network of talented visual and media professionals whose skills we admire. We can facilitate contracts with experts in these areas, as well as others, and provide the art direction and project management to make your full story come together.

Specialty Photography

We work with many talented photographers who specialize in everything from action shots to nature scenes to portraits of people, food or architecture.

Videography and Video Production

The videographers and video editors in our network are grounded in short-form documentary styles.

Infographics and Illustration

We work with talented mapmakers and chart wizards, as well as fine artists who create illustrations ranging from whimsical to realistic.  

Copy-editing and Fact-checking

Everybody needs an editor – us included! – and we draw on the expertise of careful, conscientious copy-editors.

Email us for more information on any of these services – or to talk about your unique storytelling needs: [email protected]