Tables From The Rubble

“SF’s legacy restaurants hang on amid changing tastes,” Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle, May 12, 2018: “Clifton thinks the secret of survival for these classic old places is simple: ‘Dedication, grit and hard work.’ ”

KSRO Good Food Hour, April 14, 2018:  “It’s just such a reminder of those restaurants I think we all love. …” Chef John Ash and Steve Garner interview author Denise Clifton.


An Air That Still Kills

“iBook of the Year” for 2016: Awarded three honors, including the overall “iBook of the Year” by the iBooks Author Conference. See all of the 2016 winners.

Bach, Casals and The Six Suites for ‘Cello Solo

Huffington Post, August 2015:  “It is an antique subject elegantly rendered in an impossibly light 21st-century container.”