How the Restaurants That Arose
After the Great Quake of 1906
Still Feed San Francisco Today
A visually rich book in multimedia and paperback
by Denise E. Clifton

Available at San Francisco bookstores and online



We lead organizations, authors and artists in producing visually compelling narratives in books and other formats. Current work in progress: A digital book telling the organizational story of the Pike Place Market.

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Tandemvines Media’s Denise Clifton writes on diverse topics ranging from her book on historic San Francisco restaurants, TABLES FROM THE RUBBLE, to magazine stories on food and travel – to news analysis on some of the hot political issues of the day.

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Our award-winning design and art direction shines in the visual storytelling experiences we craft for our clients in digital and print books.

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REVIEW: Tables From The Rubble

“The idea for this book is so brilliant. …It’s just such a reminder of those restaurants that I think we all love. … I’m going to use it to go visit every one of them again.”

Chef John Ash, KSRO Good Food Hour

Listen to Chef John and Steve Garner’s April 14, 2018, interview with author Denise Clifton:


WINNER, iBook of the Year: An Air That Still Kills

Design by Tandemvines

An Air That Still Kills, by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Andrew Schneider and investigative journalist David McCumber, was honored by the iBooks Author Conference as the 2016 iBook of the Year. The book also received honors in non-fiction and science categories.
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CRITICAL ACCLAIM: Bach, Casal & the Six Suites

Design by Tandemvines

“The e-book contrasts Hancoff’s natural, even folksy, delivery with slickly produced graphics and video, gliding so smoothly from one turn to the next that total immersion is irresistible. …It is an antique subject elegantly rendered in an impossibly light 21st-century container.” – Huffington Post

READER REVIEW: Bach, Casals & the Six Suites

“I have been a reluctant user of electronic readers because I love holding a book in my hands, turning the pages, feeling the weight of all the words. Your iBook is a totally different experience from any other ebook I’ve read; a much richer and deeper way to read.” – Reader email


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