We specialize in creating compelling narratives from the many parts that make up a multi-textured story: compelling photography and illustrations, dynamic videos, informative data – and, of course, well-written text. Across multiple media formats, we manage and organize complex editorial projects from the idea stage through the gathering of the information, the design and production of the product, and the publishing process.

We also have experience in product development for editorial content, providing creative direction to help teams create mobile apps and websites, as well as facilitating the connections and communications needed between vested stakeholders, content creators and technical teams. More about Tandemvines owner Denise Clifton’s experience as Visual Strategy Editor and art director at the Seattle Times on her LinkedIn profile.


We are the project director for the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority’s initiative to produce a visually rich multimedia book that tells the Market’s organizational story – exploring the rich history and citizen engagement behind how the 110-year-old Pike Place Market functions.

Projected publish date: Late spring 2018