What we do: Our philosophy

We believe the best stories entice people to fully experience a narrative: to read, watch, listen, touch – even taste. We lead authors, artists, and organizations through the process of shaping and publishing narratives rich in visuals and texture – creating strategies to find the best medium for a story’s mission and managing all aspects of a project to produce a compelling experience for the audience.

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Editorial consulting and project management

We specialize in creating compelling narratives from the many parts that make up a multi-textured story: compelling photography and illustrations, dynamic videos, informative data – and, of course, well-written text. Across multiple media formats, we manage and...

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With more than 20 years of experience in design and art direction, we offer a thoughtful approach to crafting visually compelling narratives in print and digital spaces. We have extensive experience in digital and print design, creating beautiful books in...

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The iBook edition book features videos, historic photos, an interactive map, recipes and stories behind the restaurants' signature foods.

Tables from the Rubble - Denise E. Clifton

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