What we do: Our philosophy

We believe the best stories entice people to fully experience a narrative: to read, watch, listen, touch – even taste. We lead authors, artists, and organizations through the process of shaping and publishing narratives rich in visuals and texture – creating strategies to find the best medium for a story’s mission and managing all aspects of a project to produce a compelling experience for the audience.

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Editorial consulting and project management

We specialize in creating compelling narratives from the many parts that make up a multi-textured story: compelling photography and illustrations, dynamic videos, informative data – and, of course, well-written text. Across multiple media formats, we manage and...

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With more than 20 years of experience in design and art direction, we offer a thoughtful approach to crafting visually compelling narratives in print and digital spaces. We have extensive experience in digital and print design, creating beautiful books in...

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Tandemvines Media’s Denise Clifton embraces diverse writing opportunities ranging from magazine stories that explore the stories behind food, to news analysis pieces that dive into the hot political topics of the day. 

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The iBook edition book features videos, historic photos, an interactive map, recipes and stories behind the restaurants' signature foods.

Tables from the Rubble - Denise E. Clifton

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